Saturday, 4 January 2014


As I begin my FAST I now discover soooooo many beautiful fabric stores online and thats dangerous right? I'm pondering how to do this fast without spending just as much on fabrics as you would on RTW because I happen to know its easy to do that.  This is all about being smart and resourceful.


Step One: Review all stock in stash

Step Two: Separate into Winter and Summer fabrics

Step Three: Put opposite season away for later on

Step Four: Start imagining what each piece of fabric would be best made into.

Step Five: Identify patterns for a minimum of two pieces of fabric. This is where I imagine what accessories I would wear with them also including shoes, bag, scarves, jewellry, etc.

Step Six: Put all other fabrics away and commit to a date when the first one will be complete.

Step Seven: Open pattern and create muslin for first item, then continue the process until the first item is complete.

Step Eight:  Take a photo of the completed item and post it on a blog page with all notes from the making of the garment including things I do and dont like, how I changed it up and what issues I had with the pattern.

Step Nine: Wear the garment and enjoy the fruits of the many hours of labour.

Step Ten: Repeat the process from Step Five above, again and again and again ...............


But I will mention a couple of the special fabric stores that I have found below.  If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear about them also. - Amazing selection of exquisite fabrics, especially the silks.  It took me forever to load all the silks - I recommend you order at least one item from this company, their wrapping and shipping is just so worth receiving. - Beautiful quality italian fabrics - Dont let the lack of function on their website put you off, you wont be disappointed with their collection of fabrics and they have $5 Vogue patterns now and then which I've been thrilled to catch this year.  Vogue patterns got up to around AUD$30 but its nice to see the new ones have come down a little in price and what is even more fun are the amount of vintage patterns available now.

Of course places like eBay and Etsy are good sources of fabric pieces also.  The fabric stores nearly always have lining scraps so its worth picking through the dregs for gems there also.

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  1. Ooh, thanks for the links for online fabric! I always have trouble finding nice fabrics here in Canberra which don't cost an arm and a leg. I look forward to seeing your creations as you go through the RTW Fast. It's a great initiative and I'm glad to be part of it too.


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