Friday, 17 January 2014


ONLY ON 18 - 19 JANUARY 2014

Another day of heat but I'm indoors so I am grateful that I can escape the dreadful heat outside. I do feel for the people going to and from work and doing errands during the day.   My roses have shrivelled up but I believe there is a change coming tomorrow.  When a change comes in Melbourne, it comes rapidly, sometimes in a matter of minutes.  This isn't always welcome but in this instance it surely will be.

Back to the Craftsy sale.  I love Craftsy because the teachers are people who have runs on the board so to speak.  You can have a lot more confidence in them than some.  You can also have access to the course you have purchased for as long or as often as you need it and that is pretty valuable  to me because circumstances arent always such that you have loads of free time for yourself.  You can stop and start whenever you want to, you can do it wherever you want and at any time you want.  In addition the courses are so reasonable and have extremely good video and visuals.  

I am personally learning a lot from a lady whom I have admired for a very long time. I will probably never get to meet her in person but thanks to Craftsy and the excellent ability we have available to us to see smooth clear video on our blogs/web it has made learning a whole lot easier and much more fun.  Perhaps this is the way all universities and colleges will go eventually.  Do away with the bricks and mortar and just have online tutorials for as much as possible.

Anyways click through on the Craftsy Sale on the header above or the link below and see whats on offer.  There might just be something that you would enjoy doing too but remember this sale is only on this weekend.

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