Thursday, 16 January 2014


I am here sewing boiled wool and I was feeling a bit hotter than usual.  I got on my laptop and looked up the weather and discovered I think it is the hottest it has ever been where I live.  I'm sipping ice and breaking needles and slowly slowly getting these jolly boiled wool pockets put on.  Tomorrow is supposed to be just as hot and then we'll see a lovely change.  I'm not sure whether I prefer the heat or the cold now but I sure don't link it this hot.  I will keep going 


  1. Love you blog name - two of my favourit flowers also!

    Never want to see temps like that again - way too hot for me. Didn't help when the air conditioner at work decided to pack it inon the second day, so stifling. The cool change didn't come through until very late on Friday night. It was so pleasant to wake up to cooler temps yesterday.

    Hope the school uniform remodelling went ok. My daughter has just completed Year 12. , but didn't have t wear a uniform for the senior school years. So strange to see all the back to school stuff in the shops and not have to buy anything this year after 20 years of getting the children ready for the new school year.

    I remember wearing roman sandals - i wore them at high school myself in the late 70s early 80s.

    Looking forward to seeing your posts and clothes sewn during the "ready to wear 2014" fast. I could handle the not buying any more clothes for the year - i've got plenty already, but if i was to make all that i wore, i'm pretty sure i'd be naked most of the time - not a good look!!!

    1. I think there were a lot of people who had aircon go down as a result of the heat last week Jen. It was pretty out of the ordinary especially for Melbourne.

      I guess its a busy time this time of year for all mums and dads getting ready for school. We added to our family hence the extension on the school time but its all fun.

      I am waiting on a pattern to arrive to complete the courture dress and it has either been lost in the post or delayed being posted so I continue to wait.

      Are you close by Jen?

  2. Hi Danielle ( i've got a sister named Danielle)
    I live in Churchill - about 2hours east of melbourne in the Latrobe Valley.
    I haven't sewn much in years - lots of talk, material buying, pattern buying, blog reading, some mending, but not much sewing. Going back to work fulltime 6 years ago, really cut into my day . I now come home, cook tea and collapse and go to bed. Must learn how to organise my evenings and weekends better.

    I'm addicted to pattern buying and have a huge collection. Discoverd the BMV site some years ago. They seem to have sales every month or so and my pattern collection has grown. You never know, there just might be a patter and material drought (sp?) in the future - but I'm prepared! Hope that your pattern arrives sooner, rather than later.

  3. I'm thinking of setting up a pattern library where us Aussies can share our patterns but that will take time and I am also heading back to work so I am certain my time will be far less soon. Perhaps we'll catch up somewhere some time. This year I hope to reduce the stash or fabric at least and have a bit of fun creating.


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