Thursday, 16 May 2013


My Doll Couture collectors are many and worldwide although my keenest collectors were a group of Kish doll collectors from the United States.  I only ever put one item on ebay and since then I could not produce enough for the demand.  I have come to appreciate that the art of Doll Collecting and Couture is a very privileged profession for which there is a wonderful sense of achievement and appreciation both for the creator and the receiver.  Its simply not a necessity in life but an art form that has a meaningful expression through the characters that are created by Doll owners worldwide.

I will endeavour to present on this blog my latest Doll Couture. These items are unique and exclusively one off items. All include a signed collectors certificate with care instructions and general information about each article.  Each item is made using the finest quality materials, accessories and trinkets, mostly by hand over many hours of fine intricate work.  I often attach trinkets that are collected using  my much honed skills at procuring unique and special ornaments.  I use silk, linen, leather and all natural where possible.

Many times I have been tempted to keep these creations and many times I have regretted parting with them. However the wonderful comments I receive as a result of the many hours work that have been put into each little creation is truly appreciated and it only serves to encourage me to continue this wonderful past time.

As James Whistler said "An artist is not paid for his hours but for his vision".  I could never ask the amount it has cost me in time but the best payment is someone else appreciating my work enough to want to own it and treasure it for themselves.

I trust as visitor to this blog you come to enjoy and appreciate the honest beauty in these amazing creations as I much as I have.

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